An Egyptian tourist company officially registered in the Ministry of Tourism with No. 808 Public Tourism (A) following Egyptian laws and we have been working in this field since 1989 with a professional system to reach the main goal of the customer, which is the best services with the reasonable price of the service.

Our main services:

  • Since the company started working in the field of tourism and aviation, one of its priorities has been to organize and implement services in a way that suits the event. Among the most prominent of our services provided: –
  • 1. Domestic tourism: for Egyptians and foreigners, as Egypt has a special medical condition, as it is unique in its archaeological areas of different civilizations, its museums that are filled with secrets, its mosques with spirituality, and its historical churches, and this is with the magic of the picturesque nature and its charming coasts. It starts from cultural tourism in Luxor and Aswan and visiting its temples in floating hotels, beach tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, geographical tourism in Siwa and the oases, as well as medical tourism in Siwa and Safaga, religious tourism by visiting ancient mosques in Cairo, and we touched on the path of the Holy Family in St. Catherine, adventure tourism and safari in Dahab and Taba And Siwa and Wadi El Rayan, and visiting the available natural reserves with one-day tourism in Ain Sukhna, Fayoum, Alexandria to inspect the landmarks of the various places and take a walk in them.
  • 2. Hotel reservation service: hotel reservations inside and outside Egypt, as Egypt, has thousands of hotels from 3 stars to 5 stars of different levels. We provide you with this service.
  • 3. Providing Tour Guides: Our company provides a team of highly qualified tour guides, in direct coordination from the company’s main headquarters and under its full guarantee
  • 4. Limousine service: The company provides reservations for small and family cars, as well as large tour buses for customers. 
  • 5. Foreign tourism: The company organizes foreign trips to most countries of the world with the coordination of our agents abroad to implement trips such as France, Indonesia, Dubai, Cyprus, Beirut, Malaysia as well as the Maghreb and are ready to implement any programs in any other country
  • 6. Hajj and Umrah trips: Our company organizes trips to the Holy Land to perform Hajj and Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque, starting from the 5-star level to the economic level.
  • 7. Visas: The company prepares the file for the various consulates and embassies and sets an appointment with the embassy after translating the required and approved documents
  • 8. Organizing conferences and seminars: The company provides a conference organization service in coordination with hotels, equipped halls and limousines, and covers all conferences and seminars needs such as advertising, publications, and tours as propaganda within the conference activities.
  • 9. Air tickets: Book airline tickets inside and outside Egypt with all airlines to provide the best price

Additional Services:

– We Do (PCR) Corona Travel Analysis in cooperation with the competent laboratories.

– Securing an institutional quarantine for all countries and registering on all approved sites to enter any of the countries

We do our best to satisfy all customers and provide the highest level of service

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